Charli XCX Releases More New Music


Charli XCX comes out with two more new songs, “Focus” and “No Angel.”

Just after the release of her song, “5 In The Morning” accompanied by a brand new music video, Charli XCX has come out with two new tracks.

Fans are excited due to her half-year hiatus. As an explanation for her sudden releases, she tweeted out a quote from “No Angel”: that she’s always been a little bit fast and wild.

Her new songs are titled “Focus” and “No Angel” and can be streamed through Apple Music or Spotify. “Focus” is a classic-style pop track produced by A.G. Cook and Jack & Coke, and “No Angel” has an old-school bubblegum pop feel. The latter was produced by SOPHIE and Invisible Men, who also produced the similar-feel hit “Fancy.”

Charli XCX is certainly having fun with her music, and says it may be her favorite release “ever of all time.” The three songs she has released recently is only the beginning of the coming months. She humorously tweeted out a shoutout to Justin Bieber for inspiring her.