There is a ‘Queer Eye’ Crossover with ‘Nailed It!’ and it is Fab


In the second season of Netflix’s Nailed It!, the Fab Five graced viewers with their cooking “skills” for a Queer Eye crossover.

If you haven’t checked out Nailed It! (which you definitely should), it is a cooking competition where the competitors have to recreate beautiful dishes, but the competitors are actually really awful at cooking, so it is hilarious to watch.

Queer Eye‘s Fab Five members are no different than competitors in the past, well, except for Antoni who was the guest judge for the episode. Antoni joined the other judges, Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres, while the rest of the gang had to recreate cupcakes.

They may be able to give magical makeovers, but the Fab Five are not experts in the kitchen. There is a flour flying, an explosion of food coloring, and a little bit “roll it, fold it” action happening.

While it is definitely not perfect, there is one winner. You can check it out the craziness here: