GlamGlow Launches First Makeup Product


GlamGlow gives us more glow in the form of a new highlighter palette.

GlamGlow is a beauty company that is famous for their fun face masks made popular by social media.

Now, the company is transcending from their popular skin care to cosmetics. GlamPowder is their most recent release. It is a super glowy and shimmery highlighter palette and consists of three shades: PearlGlow, NudeGlow, and SunGlow, which are pearl, sand, and gold shades.

The formula for these pigmented cream-to-powder highlighters include ingredients such as infused hyaluronic acid for a radiant and blurred look on top of the skin.


The GlamPowder retails at $42 and is available on their website. Their other products range from the lower $20s to higher $50s, so the palette lands between the range of their prices.

The glimmering palette was released on June 22nd, just in time for the summer shine.