Billie’s New Razor Ad is a Hair Above the Rest

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Body hair on women is a prickly subject.

From Arvida Byström’s unshaven legs in an Adidas Superstar ad to Zazie Beetz unwaxed underarms in Deadpool 2, and Sophia Hadjipanteli unplucked unibrow on Instagram, female body hair is in the media, but not in the place you’d most expect it.

While body hair is natural, its appearance in women’s razor ads is anything but.

The shave and body brand, Billie, is working to change that.

According to Glamour, the co-founder of Billie, Georgina Gooley said: “We couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of hairless skin in razor advertising…It was strange to us that these brands only show women ‘shaving’ perfectly smooth and hairless legs.”

@BillieBodyBrand /

Becoming the first female razor brand to show hair, Billie’s Project Body Hair is celebrating “female body hair…wherever it is or isn’t.”

Although it may seem counterintuitive for a razor company to have a campaign championing body hair, the Billie website explains, “everyone has short stubble, long strands, or something in between. What you do with yours is up to you – grow it, get rid of it, or comb it. It’s your hair, after all.”

No matter your grooming preferences, it’s time we recognize that hair is there, and nothing to be ashamed of.

If you like what you see, you can help them “make the internet a little fuzzier,” with Billie’s free image library of fearlessly furry women. The images are available to everyone, and anyone can add to the library by uploading pictures with the hashtag #projectbodyhair.