Lili Reinhart Shows Us Her Guide To Fresh Makeup In Vogue Video


Lili Reinhart, a.k.a. Riverdale’s Betty Cooper and half of the infamous fictional couple ‘Bughead’, recently made a tutorial video for vogue in which she shares her everyday makeup routine.

Reinhart is known for her amazing sense of humor so it comes at no surprise that she starts out her beauty video by eating some Chinese food in the middle of her bathroom, saying “Anyone else eat Chinese food in the bathroom?”. Honestly no, but that definitely does not sound like such a bad idea.


After eating a few forkfuls, Lili begins with a light foundation base and then moves on to cover her ‘zits’ ,she jokingly says, with some concealer. Reinhart is just like us and claims that her skin isn’t always the best, and that she breaks out all the time, when filming and when not.


Following concealer, the down to earth actress moves onto a very light contouring with a ‘taupey-brown’ color to gently define her stunning cheekbones. But, Lili stresses to not forget to give the brush a little tap to shake off all that excess bronzer. She then repeats the brush tap with her blush and applies it to the apples of her cheeks for that warm, natural look.

The next step in Reinhart’s routine is brows. She uses the infamous Anastasia brow powder and an angled brush to strengthen her gorgeous eyebrows. While filling her bangin’ brows in, Lili tells us that she used to pluck the very front of her eyebrows and luckily the makeup lady on set told her that she actually needs to grow that area out. Additionally, Reinhart says that she has learned almost all her beauty tricks and tips from being on set.


Lili finishes off her makeup video by applying a peachy eye shadow, a dark brown eye shadow to act as top liner, mascara, some poppin’ highlighter, a nice rosy colored lipstick to match her natural lip shade, and of course a light dusting of translucent powder for that oil-free glow.

Reinhart’s final review of her natural makeup is that “you can wear this while eating fried wontons in your bathroom”(While simultaneously taking a big bite out of her fried wonton) or “You can wear this anywhere”. We can all relate to her carefree glam and love for Chinese food, even if she is eating it in her bathroom.