Rihanna Confirms She’s Working on New Music


Graham Norton got Rihanna to answer the questions we’ve all been asking.

While promoting Ocean’s 8 on The Graham Norton Show with her co-stars, Rihanna was put in the hot seat when asked about her meme-able outfits, wine glass accessories, and new music.

When Norton asked how Rihanna travels to the Met Gala, which is also the heist location in the movie, the “Queen of the Met Gala,” said this year’s look was “a piece of cake compared to the yellow situation.”

caught by @dennisleupold

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Referring to her 2015 Met Gala Guo Pei “omelet” dress, Rihanna, who co-hosted the 2018 event, explained that traveling with the massive meme gown required “six people and it was all choreographed.”


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Like Norton, you may have noticed that along with her stunning looks, the paparazzi always seem to catch Riri with a wine glass in hand.

With a slideshow of Rihanna caught in the act, the host joked, “Did you ask permission from the club when you left holding this glass?”

“My mom is gonna see this,” Rihanna said after bashfully trying to plead her innocence.

Finally getting to the question we’ve all been waiting for, Norton asked, “Is there any chance of a new album?”

“Who sent you? I know one of my fans got to you,” joked the “Needed Me” singer who has been plagued by this question since the release of Anti in 2016.

Rihanna took time off to focus on other projects, but we can all breath easy knowing that she’s “actually in the studio at the moment,” working on her 9th studio album.

No word on when the music will be out, but you can still support Rihanna by seeing Ocean’s 8, out in theaters now.