Janet Jackson Encourages Us to Take Our Joy Back


We all go through things in our lives that seem to affect our lives more than we want them to. Many people can’t escape the pain in their life and are stuck in a state where their moods consist of sadness and grief.

Many people go through depression, but this one celebrity shared her journey and how she’s trying to overcome it.

In the July/August edition of Essence magazine, Janet Jackson will be featured on the cover. She got candid with readers with a very straightforward and open letter.

In the letter, she comes right out and says that she struggled with depression. She explains how severe the mental illness has effected her. She makes it known that her low self-esteem might come from her childhood feelings of inferiority. The low self-esteem relates to failing to meet the ridiculously high standards that were place on her. Societal issues such as racism and sexism plus her depression made it tough and scary. She says that she’s thankful she found her way through it.

Depression affects your life in so many ways that it may seem normal to feel this way about things, but it’s not. This illness affects your moods and will have you feeling sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness. Depression which many seem to forget is that it doesn’t just change your attitude it affects your physical well-being which results in chronic fatigue, sleep problems, and changes in appetite.

Janet Jackson a pop icon coming out a telling her journey shows that those with depression are not alone and don’t need to feel pressured to hide it. There is always someone out there who can help you.