Chloe Grace Moretz is Makeup Free for SK-II’s Bare Skin Project


Chloë Grace Moretz is one of the newest faces for SK-II’s #bareskinproject.

In the SK-II campaign, Moretz will be without makeup, photoshop, or even enhanced lighting. The decision to partner with the brand comes from many years of pressure under the spotlight.

Moretz revealed in an interview with Popsugar that she has had to deal with photoshopping since she was 15 years old and trying to keep up with the latest beauty trends. “There was pressure to hide behind layers of makeup. It was brutal growing up in the public eye” said Moretz. The actress has also discussed her struggles with cystic acne while growing, which we can all relate to.

But now, Moretz is here to say that it is okay to feel beautiful in whatever skin you are in. After realizing that her brothers never felt the need to cover up their blemishes, she thought “‘Why can’t I do that?” She added, “then I realized I could do that; it was just my mind telling me I couldn’t.”

Moretz looks to the future, hoping that “A 13-year-old girl on Instagram sees [the #bareskinproject campaign] and will know that I’m not retouched,” she said. “She’ll realize that you can go out with bare skin and be who you are and not hide behind these false ideals of what beauty is.” Now that is some Self Love and an inspiration for young girls in need of guidance.