The Queen Is Back


Nicki Minaj has come back from her nearly four years long hiatus stronger than ever. Her album, Pinkprint, came out in 2014 it doesn’t seem that long since Nicki has been doing several features.

Nicki Minaj’s break gave her a new outlook on life. She recently graced us with her album drop date and a tell-all from her interview with Elle magazine.
Nicki explains how once she found her new song she knew what she had to do, which was go dark on social media. Minaj says she feels as though that Queen will be her best album. She explains how the last six months have been significant growth for her because it is the first time in her life that she has been single.

Nicki Minaj said something in this interview that I think everyone should take note of which is that she realized that she could breathe, live, eat, sleep, and talk without having a boyfriend.
On this Queen album, Nicki says that we will hear her talk about being abstinent and how a guy should have king status to get her body.
Nicki Minaj has come back from her hiatus, with a refreshed and more confident voice. Are you guys ready for the Queen to release Queen on August 10th?