Rebel Wilson Was Not ‘Heavily Photoshopped’ for Her Vogue Cover

(Vogue Australia)

Rebel Wilson is killing it in her Vogue Australia cover.

Rebel Wilson is a multi-faceted entertainer. She is hilarious, genuine, and not to mention a great actress. Wilson tweeted out that she “would’ve never thought this element would be added to my life: Vogue Covergirl. This was such an amazing experience, thank you Vogue Australia and to all the designers and stylists who worked on this shoot.”

Rebel Wilson soon had to defend her images against allegations that the shots were excessively photoshopped for her to appear skinnier. She tweeted, “Nope, not slimmed down. I just ate healthily and exercised for the month before the shoot, but then immediately after ate brownies.”

Rebel Wilson on Twitter

Oh and just so you can see the raw v’s the magazine shot, I took a monitor photo myself on the day of the shoot! So please don’t carry on that these shots are heavily photoshopped because they’re not!

Wilson even shared a raw photograph from the shoot that she had on her phone, asking accusers to not carry on believing her shots were heavily edited.

Her response is nothing but inspiring, showing her pride in her accomplishments as well as her positivity.