Puerto Rican Day Parade Brings Awareness to Hurricane Maria


The Puerto Rican Day Parade that took place in New York City became a platform for people to talk about the unresolved aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

On September 16th, 2017,  Puerto Rico had undergone a devasting experience within its country. Hurricane Maria wiped out and took away homes, places of business, and for most people, shelter. After the many prayers that were sent to the people and island of Puerto Rico, the news and the progress of the country was left unknown. Unfortunately, since the hurricane, the people of Puerto Rico are still unhappy and complaining about the damages and the lack of aid from the United States.

So for this year’s Puerto Rican Day Parade, participants and coordinators of the event came together to speak out on the island’s struggles and their desired aid after the attack of Hurricane Maria. It has been more than nine months since the hurricane hit Puerto Rico, and families members and friends who have people that reside there, are waiting for a resolution on this issue.

Even New York Senator, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, showed her support by joining many others in the parade. She shared most of her thoughts on Twitter saying,

Let’s come together and help out Puerto Rico by being the voice for many of the victims affected by this vicious storm last year.