Here’s a Couple Ideas for Things to Do This Summer 2018


Summertime is here, and it’s time to start marking things off your checklist of things you want to do this summer.

Body Goals – We all make goals to work out, gain weight, or diet. This summer you should stick to that and make sure you complete it. It is a pain beginning your workout, but after don’t you feel stronger and more confident in yourself?

Travel- Take some time of your own and travel around whether it’s to a different country, city, or even new town.

Save Money- Every time you get a check or some money take the $100 part of the money and put it in your savings and try to make purchases off of the $10 till your next check.For Example: If you have $398 in your account put $300 in savings and make purchases with $98 till the next check.

Take a Group Trip- Get with your people, for instance, your best guy or girl friends and take a trip all together.

Go on a Movie Spree- A lot of the hottest movies are coming out from Love Simon to Ocean’s 8. You and a group of friends every week go to see a movie.

Volunteer- If you have some spare time go and help someone else out and get some community service out because not only will it give you this bubbly feeling that will not only make you happy as well as bringing joy to someone’s life.

72 Hour Block out Negativity Challenge- Take a step away from the negative things in the world. When on social media if you see something negative block them or don’t read the post. If someone wishes horrible things for you, then prevent them from making an impact on you just hit the mute button.

I know there are a lot of things to do for the summer, but if you can’t complete all the task that I suggested making a dream board of what you want to do in your life and doing them one by one during the summer will help motivate you.