Food Network Star Sandra Lee Offers Her Services For Any Same Sex Couple That Is Denied A Wedding Cake


After news of the disappointing Supreme Court ruling that did not reprimand a Colorado baker for denying a same sex couple service, Sandra Lee took to Facebook to express her opposing views to such discrimination and even offered her cooking expertise to any same sex couples who are treated unfairly.

In the compassionate post, Lee stated “I do not believe that it is right to discriminate against anyone. I believe love is love. Therefore if a same sex couple has been turned down by the bakery of their choice, I will find a baker who appreciates your commitment and loves you for who you are. Love Aunt Sandy”.


Sandra is currently filming in Denver, Colorado, which is just fifteen minutes from where the discriminatory bakery involved in the Supreme Court case is located. This close reminder prompted Lee to post a second comment in which she calls the Supreme Court ruling “unacceptable” and says it “encourages divisiveness”.

She then ends the post, claiming that “We need to love and support one another not judge”. We all can definitely take a page out of Sandra Lee’s book and remember that everyone should be treated with compassion and equality.