The Miss America Pageant Has Ditched the Swimsuit Competition


The Miss American Pageant has taken a step in the right direction in support of the newfound #metoo era by ditching their famous swimsuit portion of the beauty competition.

In a groundbreaking interview on Good Morning America, former Miss America winner, Gretchen Carlson, who is now the chairwoman of the famous pageant announced the shocking change.

Carlson wanted it to be known to America that Miss American is “no longer a pageant, we are a competition.” To go along with that new mantra of Miss America, more changes were made to the show.

Contestants now will face a more interactive portion with the judges, where the women are encouraged to share their intelligence and elaborate on their passions with the world and the panel. The women will also no longer technically be required to wear a formal evening gown. Instead, this section is one where the contestants are merely asked to wear an outfit of their choosing.

Miss America is making vast steps to redefining the competition to what it truly should be about, celebrating extraordinary women and their accomplishments to better our society, by looking past how someone looks.