Liza Koshy and David Dobrik Break Up


Social influencers, David Dobrik and Liza Koshy, announce their relationship split in a new YouTube video.

David Dobrik released a video on his YouTube channel that is currently trending as #1 on the US trending page of YouTube. In a video simply titled, “we broke up,” David and Liza explained that their relationship ended a while ago, but they continued to showcase a positive side of their relationship-friendship.

To the bewilderment of fans, they seemed very loving on social media and special events. They attended Coachella together and were often seen in pictures together, both appearing very happy. Liza stated that their personal friends did not know until three months after, and viewers six months after it happened.

They say that the timing is not right even though they still love each other. Liza explained that she broke up with David because she wanted to work on team love and loving themselves first. Their busy lives and different schedules did not allow them to be fully happy together.

Both are seen tearing up and crying, and admitting that they love each other still. However, they continue to incorporate jokes and humor in their announcement. The six-minute video has over 11 million views, and over a million likes in support for the two genuine-hearted people.

Watch below, and be prepared to laugh and cry.