Halsey Has an Asthma Attack on Stage


Halsey had an asthma attack on stage during her set at Bottlerock in Napa.Asthma is a serious condition that should be treated immediately if an attack arises. Your airways narrow, making it hard to breathe. This is what happened to the “Bad At Love” singer while performing at Bottlerock. She was treated by medics right away.

She made light of the situation, poking fun at the fact she should have run the mile in gym class.


Nonetheless, she still had tons of fun and was not going to let an asthma attack ruin the gorgeous weekend that was Bottlerock.


If you missed her at the music festival, she is still on tour promoting her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom album. Check the tour website to see if she’s having a concert near you.

And remember, don’t skip gym class.