Advice on Great Skin This Summer


Want glistening clear skin? Here are some ways to have great skin just in time for the summer selfies with your friends, graduation, or prom.  Having a hard time finding a great way to take care of your skin? Sometimes stress and your health, either physical, mental, or emotional health, plays a role and reacts to your body. It’s important to take care of your skin, especially if you’re looking for that summer glow.


One of the many ways to take care of your skin is to wash your face twice a day with warm water. This helps to open up your pores to allow the build-up of dirt to be released from your skin. When you are done washing your face thoroughly, rinse your face with cold water to help close up your pores. Leaving your pores open after washing your face gives the dirt an easier passageway into your pores, causing more build up. Also, remember to follow up with a skin toner, such as rose water, and moisturizer to have your face become smooth, healthy, and moisturized.

Another way to take care of your skin is to always remove your makeup at the end of your long day to avoid more buildup within your pores. The most organic and safest way to remove your makeup is to use jojoba or coconut oil because this is way better than using those harsh chemicals in your makeup wipe to remove your makeup. Most importantly, don’t forget your neck! As funny as that sound, that is also apart of your face too.

Another method to great skin is exfoliating your face once to twice a week. Always try to use skin exfoliating scrubs or use face or body washes that include exfoliating beads. Also, use face masks to help clean deep within your pores and refresh your skin.

Lastly, make sure you eat healthy things like fruits, vegetables, and other healthy nutritious meals. Exercise as often as you can to help your skin from reacting from stress.  Drink plenty of water for this will help flush out all the unnecessary stuff from out of your body.

Hopefully, these tips will bring you better-looking skin just in time for that special day or just to feel better in your own skin.