Halsey’s Tender Birthday Message to G-Eazy


Halsey is “eternally grateful” that G-Eazy was born.

On Wednesday, Halsey took to Instagram to show love to her now 29-year-old boyfriend, rapper G-Eazy.

The singer captioned a picture of the pair embracing with a tender message saying: “I don’t know who I would be without you. I’m eternally grateful you were born in the same universe as me. It would be a lifetime searching for you if you weren’t. You are more kind, compassionate, creative, loyal, and pure than anyone who didn’t know you would ever understand. Happy Birthday, baby. I love you. @g_eazy

Earlier this month, Halsey attended the Billboard Music Awards without G-Eazy, who is out of the country for The Beautiful & Damned European tour. When asked about their relationship, the Alone singer told Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs, “We need each other to make each other better.”

With a tough kind of love that is also “squishy,” the key to the musical couple’s strength may be that they are “each other’s biggest fan and also each other’s hardest critic.”

“The best thing I think that you can be for your partner or look for in a partner is someone who wants you to be a better you,” gushed Halsey.

The Him & I artists have been couple goals since 2017.