Thomas Rhett Dedicates a Heartwarming Mother’s Day Instagram to His Wife


Famous country singer, Thomas Rhett, proclaims his gratitude for his wife, Lauren Akins, on Mother’s Day, for being the most outstanding mother, with endless patience and love.

After gushing about his wife, he goes on to shout out all of the amazing mothers across the world, expressing his knowledge of how extremely hard a mother’s job can be.

Last May, Thomas and Lauren adopted 21-month-old daughter, Willa Gray, from Uganda, while Lauren was pregnant with second daughter, Ada James, who was born just two months later. The pregnancy with their younger daughter came as a surprise after struggling to conceive for a while. However, the loving couple percieved their surprise and growing family as added blessings to their lives.

After many visits to Uganda to spend time with Willa Gray, the family expressed that when she came to America, she adjusted very smoothly and loved taking on the role of big sister when Ada James came along.

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins have been enjoying every minute of the new parent lifestyle, however, they do admit that there are many challenges that come along with it, especially with traveling attached to Rhett’s successful music career. This beautiful family deserves nothing but the best and happiness in the future!