Netta Barzilai Wins Eurovision 2018 with Her Empowering Song


Barzilai of Israel emerged victorious from the international song contest with her girl power anthem, “Toy.”

The 25-year-old hit the Lisbon Eurovision stage in a shimmery black corset and pink, red and black kimono, a look she completed with two buns atop her head, to perform her catchy entry for her country. “I’m not your toy, you stupid boy,” she sang in conjunction with her signature chicken dance and beatboxing.

The sassy vocalist revealed that the song was actually inspired by the #MeToo movement. In an interview after the semifinals of the competition, she commented, “Look, it’s an amazing time when women are searching for and finding their voices.”

It is truly is meaningful for women everywhere that “Toy” reigned champion of Eurovision this year. The outcome is a win for Barzilai, for Israel, and especially for global feminism.

After her triumph, she even posted a tweet (in Hebrew) inviting fans to come celebrate with her.