A Happy Ending for ‘Queer Eye’ Subject Tom Jackson

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Tom Jackson, the first man to be transformed by the Fab Five in the Netflix Original series Queer Eye, is officially re-married.

In the very first episode of the reboot, titled “You Can’t Fix Ugly,” that’s just what the 58-year-old Georgia native told the boys. By the end of the week, the crew left Jackson with a new wardrobe, a new skincare routine, and a newfound confidence that proved overwhelmingly heartwarming and tearjerking to behold.

Having made mention of his ex-wife Abby throughout the course of his tranformation, the Fab Five learned that Jackson was still in love with her, and focused on instilling in him the courage to ask her to his upcoming car show. She agreed, and the episode left off with the couple enjoying a drink together in Jackson’s new and improved backyard.

Now, months after the premiere of the show in February, viewers who fell in love with this ROMEO (Retired Old Man Eating Out–as in the name of his group of friends who lunch together, the ROMEOs) will shed even more happy tears upon hearing that the two have officially tied the knot once again. Jackson took to Twitter to share the news of their elopement, and the long-time lovers couldn’t look happier.