Cate Blanchett Repeats 2014 Golden Globes Dress at Cannes for Good Cause


Cate Blanchett breaks fashion rules and we are all here for it.

Cate Blanchett was dressed in a couture, Armani Privé dress at the opening gala of the Cannes Film Festival. In fact, she wore the exact same gown four years ago at the Golden Globes.

She had “recycled’ and re-worn the gown to make a statement for the Green Carpet Challenge, an initiative to sustain ethical production of clothing. Blanchett states that “from couture to t-shirts, landfills are filled with garments that have been unnecessarily discarded…[it is] ridiculous that such garments are not cherished and re-worn for a lifetime.”

At such a major event, Cate Blanchett and her stylist Elizabeth Stewart hope that the attention gained from this stigmatized fashion faux-pas will be an encouragement for people to repeat outfits, especially on the red carpet. As the 2018 Festival de Cannes President, Cate Blanchett certainly made her statement.