Darren Criss and Gaten Matarazzo Rap Battled It out on Drop the Mic


American Crime Story’s Darren Criss and Stranger Things‘ Gaten Matarazzo showed off their rap skills on Sunday’s Drop the Mic episode.

The battle was fierce between the two with plenty of deep digs on both sides. Criss roasts Matarazzo with one verse that had the crowd screaming, “I hope you drop the mic because you barely dropped your balls.”

Even with Criss’s hard disses, the trophy was given to Matarazzo at the end of the battle. And why wouldn’t it when he slays the battle with verses like, “How you made it this far is just beyond belief, you got more gaps in your career than I have in my teeth.”

Well played, young one. The student has become the master. @gatenm123

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But trophies and stings set aside, the battle was all in good fun with the actors even cheering each other on at the end. You can watch more of your favorite celebrities burn each other on Drop the Mic on Sundays through TBS.