Slumbr Pillows Are the Best Fit for You

Slumbr premium pillows are the best fit for you and your sleep.

Slumbr pillows are a hot item these days and we want to tell you why. First off, you can throw away those pillows covered in plastic because these pillows from Slumbr are the perfect fit for your needs and the way you sleep and include many different options.

First things first, take the pillow quiz and find out which pillow is best for you. We have included the full range of options below.

The Orion pillow is the perfect pillow for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. This pillow feels like plush and silk while it remains down and consistent. The Orion is soft and supportive on your head and neck.

The Ara pillow is perfect if you have head, neck, or back issues. This type of buckwheat pillow is popular in Asia and is adjustable to your body. The zipper allows you to add or remove any buckwheat if needed. Although it has a distinct feel to get used to, people turn to this pillow for a better, longer, and uninterruptable sleep.

The Lyra latex pillow has a foamy feel that provides pressure to relieve support. If you hate flat pillows, this one is for you considering it will never flatten. Although it is fluffy, you will never feel like your head is sinking since it will not flatten. This pillow is great for supporting your neck.

The Vela Down + Feather pillow is your “classic” pillow or one you might find in a hotel room. According to the website, “it is dual-chambered, with the crisp, hefty support of feathers at its core surrounded by a layer of fluffy down. And no feathers poking through against your head.” This pillow is great for people who move a lot throughout the night as it continues to support your neck.

The Virgo pillow is like a soft cushion and continues to support the neck. This pillow is great for stomach sleepers and back sleepers as it supports the neck throughout the night. Although it has less fill than the others, it still lifts the head. If you love to cuddle pillows, this one is for you.

The Cassiopeia Luxe Down Pillow is “filled with loads of the finest, long-lasting European goose down, we love how this pillow cradles in billowy softness, without flattening out.” Even though this is perfect for cuddlers, side sleepers are in love with this pillow as well. Like most down pillows, over time, it will flatten out. However, because there is goose down inside instead of feathers, it will last much longer.

You can find out your ideal pillow by taking the quiz on their website.