We Can’t Get Enough of SZA’s ‘Broken Clocks’ Video

(RCA Records)

SZA redeemed herself with the Broken Clocks music video.

Fans were disappointed with the long-awaited The Weekend music video but this time there was a complete story line to keep fans interested.  The video features camp counselors at Camp CTRL. Sza takes you through what appears to be a normal day at a somewhat psychedelic sleep away camp.

It’s full of hazy visuals and Sza even breaks out some dance moves. Once again Sza breaks away from going with the typical story line which goes with the song. We’ve got to admit that Sza looks like she’d make a great counselor if she ever wanted a side hustle.

Worst counselors ever 🤷🏾‍♀️ 🎥👀 #TDE

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Broken Clocks is about going through the motions of life and wondering if you’re wasting your time at the place you’re at. It speaks to so many people that are struggling with their day to day life and the common issue of whether or not you’ve got enough time to achieve what you want.

Directed by Sza herself, there’s a twist ending that’ll make you do a double take. Check out the video below: