Founding Partner + President of mitú, Beatriz Acevedo on #SelfLoveCampaign + Diversity

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The founding partner and President of mitú is Beatriz Acevedo. Mitú is a Latino video network that gets over 2 billion views a month. Beatriz had never run a tech company before Mitu, but she knew something needed to be done about no one in media and entertainment not paying attention to the fastest growing demographic in America, English-speaking Latino Millennials. We chatted quickly with Ms. Acevedo for a quick power question on what self-love means to her and what advice she has for the diverse young women of today. 

GLITTER: Three years ago, Glitter Magazine launched the #SelfLoveCampaign with the help of hundreds of celebrities. What does self-love mean to you?

BEATRIZ ACEVEDO: “Self-love is just having respect for yourself, for others, really appreciating who you are and where you came from and using that as your most powerful source to stand out in a crowd.”

GLITTER: You are here as a woman representing your Latino community, like many in the diverse group of young women here today. What advice do you have for them as they begin their careers?

BEATRIZ ACEVEDO: “I think there are two big pieces of advice here. First, work hard and be better than everyone else. Nothing is going to be handed to us for free, so we have to work double what anyone else does and we have to be better than everyone else. But then, we must use that as our most powerful advantage. Our country has never been more multicultural than it is today so as the new majority, our insights, our point of view, our perspective from our upbringing is going to be incredibly valuable for any company that wants to thrive and succeed in our country. So for them to really own that and own that pride of who they are and where they come from and go with that self-confidence in any room and rule the future.”