Kylie and Travis Go over the Top in Texas


It is very clear that both Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott go above and beyond when it comes to their adorable daughter Stormi.

With that being said, it should be no surprise that when Travis Scott planned on introducing his daughter Stormi to his extended family in Texas he had to make sure everything was perfect for the occasion. Travis made sure that the house was decorated for the whole family to meet Stormi.

It was decorated with flowers. Travis decided to get six floral arrangements made up of orchids, roses, and hydrangeas all in the shape of a lightning bolt going through a cloud. It does not stop there. The storm clouds rained down Swarovski crystals.

Stormiiii @kyliejenner

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This entire Stormi set up cost Travis around $7,000 according to TMZ and it was just gorgeous. This was all done so Travis Scott’s extended family could be properly introduced to his daughter, and he did not disappoint. Travis and Kylie love and spoil Stormi so much. You can just see how much love they both have for their daughter and that she will always be taken care of in the most extravagant way.