Interview: Teala Dunn on What She’s up to and the New Hulu Series, All Night

(Photographer: Leo Deveney; Stylist: Simona Sacchitella; Hair: Bradley Leake; Makeup: Leibi Carias)

Actress, Teala Dunn, has a ton coming up in 2018, including Fullscreen’s Guilty Party and the new Hulu series, All Night.

(Leo Deveney)

She also has a passion for health and fitness. She’s also been a brand partner for several companies, including Mudd, but would love to still work with Nike!

(Leo Deveney)


GLITTER: Who do you play on Fullscreen’s Guilty Party?

TEALA: On Guilty Party, I play Tatiana, the “Queen Bee” of the school. Guilty Party follows the story of a bullying victim who seeks revenge against her tormenters.

(Courtesy of Fullscreen)


GLITTER: What can you tell us about your new Hulu series, All Night? What is it about and who do you play?

TEALA: It is about a group of high school students who get locked in the school on their graduation. I can’t say much more about it; however, it is a role I have never played before. It’s a must watch! 🙂


GLITTER: Can you tell us more about your passion for health and fitness, tips to stay in shape along with your daily routine?

TEALA: I am passionate about heath & well-being in general. I believe self-love if the start. It motivates you to take care of yourself. Having fresh whole foods as part of my daily routine is a must, along with drinking a lot of water, exercising, and staying positive minded.

(Leo Deveney)


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