Aly Raisman Launches Initiative to Help Protect Athletes from Sexual Abuse


Called Flip the Switch, Aly Raisman calls on supporters to help make sports safer for young participants.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, the former Olympian stated, “To address this terrible problem, we all need to be willing to confront it head-on. Sexual abuse is something that needs to be discussed openly, especially now, given the challenges our sport is facing, and all adults should become educated as to how to prevent it. Ignoring the issue, in hopes that it goes away, is unacceptable. Athlete safety must be the highest priority.”

The organization, along with Darkness to Light, offers free training for coaches and parents on spotting signs of abuse. Raisman plans to personally sign each and every certificate of completion. Athletes such as Michael Phelps and Gus Kenworthy have voiced their support.

It is so inspiring to see Aly taking a stand against such an important issue in today’s society. It definitely gives us encouragement and shows that you can make any and every negative experience in your life become your voice and turn it into something empowering and positive on your end.