Daniela Vega Makes Oscars History

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The first trans-woman to grace the stage makes the 90th annual event a night to remember.

Sunday night sparked the biggest night in Hollywood, with the Oscars celebrating its 90th annual event. From its lavish gowns and inspiring speeches, one of the finest moments was when the first openly trans-woman, Daniela Vega, graced the stage to present at the largest cinematic award of the year.

Taking to Instagram after the show, she shared, “Dreams come true” and a sweet message in Spanish, when translated said, ” I want to thank my favorite director the fantastic @lelioseb for trusting in me from the first moment to face the creation of this movie. To the entire team behind UMF. To my family that is always there. To my dad to my mom and to my siblings Nicolas Matias and Javiera. To the Vero to be there always. To my grandmothers. And your position to my beautiful and jovial childishness that has stayed until late to know the result of the ceremony. I dedicate this moment to the love and the women of the world, to all.”

The actress starred in the award-winning Chilean film A Fantastic Woman (Una Mujer Fantastica) and has captured the attention of many worldwide. On Monday Morning, Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez took to Instagram to honor Daniela Vega by shining a spotlight on the starlet as a part of her “Movement Mondays” series.

#MovementMondays Daniela Vega is a Chilean actress and singer. This breakout star of the award winning Chilean film A Fantastic Woman (Una Mujer Fantastica) made history last night by becoming the first openly transgender person to ever present at the Academy Awards. Taking the stage, Vega said, “Thank you so much for this moment,” Vega said, “I want to invite you to open your hearts and your feelings to feel the reality, to feel love. Can you feel it?” A Fantastic Woman is a film about a trans woman mourning the death of her partner. Vega makes it clear to The Guardian, along with its emotional charge, A Fantastic Woman also has a strong political agenda with regard to trans identity. “The film wants you to question where you stand in society.” Before A Fantastic Woman, Vega had appeared in plays, various music videos, and in the Chilean feature, La Visita (The Guest) about a transwoman at her father’s wake. But it wasn’t her initial experiences that led to her being cast. Sebastian Lelio and co-writer Gonzalo Maza had been working on their script but realized they didn’t know any trans people in Chile. They needed a consultant and someone suggested Vega – shortly after she was offered the lead role. In lots of ways, her character Marina, became her.  As for the Oscars, and whether the Academy is ready for a trans drama starring a trans actress, “the world is ready, not just the Academy.” Last night, A Fantastic Woman became the first Chilean film to win for Best Foreign Language at the Academy Awards. Vega has multiple projects in store for the future – including a contract to write a book, a one-woman stage show, and other projects in TV and film. I cannot wait to see what is next for this talented beauty!

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This moment will never be forgotten, and we hope that this beautiful moment will help inspire others.