How to Clean Your Place Without Chemicals

Cleaning your house or apartment is very important.

What is even more important is being able to know exactly what you are putting on your counters and floors. Even though the products you use are getting things clean, you want to make sure they are not toxic. There are ways to clean and not have toxic chemicals to do so. Because who wants to mop the floors and then make sure their dog does not walk on the floors until they are dry and not going to harm them?

Vinegar is going to be your best friend. It may smell, but it actually does not smell for long and cleans pretty much anything.

Using white vinegar and water can clean your mirrors and windows without leaving streaks. It also works great cleaning the toilet bowl.

White vinegar is more acidic which helps kill germs without the danger of chemicals. Using it to mop works too. If you do not like the smell, you can also put your favorite essential oil in the mix to make it smell a little better.