Emma Watson Shows Support for Time’s Up Movement in a Very Creative Way


Emma Watson attended the Vanity Fair Oscar After-party with a pretty unique accessory.

Emma Watson is a huge supporter of the Time’s Up movement and decided to rock a tattoo of the name on her forearm to the Oscars. She also wore a beautiful black dress in support of the Time’s Up movement as well. It seems to only be a temporary tattoo, but the cute cursive script tattoo definitely was a hit.

She has supported other movements as well. She donated money to the justice and equality fund in the UK. This fund helps fight against sexual harassment, discrimination, and assault. Emma Watson has always been a woman that is not afraid to speak her mind and support fully what she believes to be a great cause. She is a great role model for women of all ages.

The tattoo, temporary or not, helped make a statement by saying that the movement has not been forgotten. She has definitely been successful at making sure the conversation about sexual harassment does not stop and that people do not stop fighting to end it.