Beyoncé and Jay-Z are Scheduled to Go on Tour Together


Beyoncé and Jay-Z are scheduled to go on tour together, which should happen before the end of the year if everything goes as planned.

After the On the Run 2 Tour date was released on Beyoncé’s Facebook page and then immediately taken down, a source tells E! News that the Beyoncé and Jay-Z tour is still going to happen, and it should be happening before the end of the year.

An insider tells E! News, “This chapter in the couple’s lives ‘is the strongest they ever been and they feel it will be an epic experience.'” According to the source, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are very excited to be going on tour together and all three kids will be going with them.

As if news that the two will be going on tour together wasn’t enough amazing news, the source has also disclosed that they have been working on new music together as well. Although nothing has been confirmed as to when the tour kicks off, the date posted on the Facebook page was for July 30 in Philadelphia.