Black Panther Breaks Box Office Records During Opening Weekend

(Marvel Studios)

Black Panther sets box office record during opening weekend with $291.4 million in North America alone making February the biggest box office debut ever. The film has now raked in $426.6 million globally since opening in international markets last Tuesday.

Black Panther hit theaters on Feb. 16 and made February the largest box office debut ever. With the help of the Thursday night premiere, Black Panther brought in $192 million in North America and is now at $201.8 million according to CNN. The film makes it the fifth largest movie opening.

The last time February had its largest box office debut was two years ago with Deadpool, which brought in $132 million during opening weekend. With sales that high and the media coverage is all over it, Disney is expecting Black Panther to bring in so much more during the month.

Black Panther is creating a lot of positive press and even scored a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.