Constellation Piercings Are a Thing + They Are Gorgeous


There is always a piercing that is more popular than others each year.

From eyebrow piercings and tongue to lip piercings and navel, there is always something new. For 2018 the trend will simply be the ear. This trend puts a new twist on the original ear piercing. Cluster or constellation piercings, where you get a grouping of small studs in your ear are one of the main ones that people have been seen getting done. Another one is skipping third and fourth holes on your lower earlobe and getting pierced above that to create an interesting look of simplicity.

Other interesting things people are getting done on their lower ear lobes are different placements with tiny studs. Some will be purposefully out of line and others will be stacked. So instead of a straight line of two or three piercings, they are slightly up or down from one another and the stacked piercings are ones that go in a straight up and down line.

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An intricate and ornate arrangement in the ear’s lobe! This look consists of a pair of rings sandwiching a pair of vertically stacked studs, adding an extra dimension to this #CuratedEar. The Single Spike Ring on the left, adds its accent of #YellowGold, while the diamonds on the right’s Diamond Princess Clicker give an additional glow to the ear. This dichotomy is mirred in the earstuds, also constructed of both a golden and a diamond stud. (Shop this Style – Link in our Profile) . Missed us the first time? Catch us in Dublin for another round of piercing and styling! We’ll be at Brown Thomas from Oct. 27 to Nov. 5! Book here: . 📷: @pennypiercer . #mariatash #earcandy #diamond #goldjewelry #piercer #earrings #jewlery #bijoux #piercing

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This is a simple way of dressing up the ear and to display your creativity when it comes to accessories.