Kehlani Bares Her Heart Again in Acoustic Track


Kehlani released a new unmixed track called “Again.”

The stand-alone track was released a week ago. Kehlani announced the premiere of her track on Instagram. She captioned the post, “Unmixed just like I like it. Imperfect and honest.” The track was also produced by Geoffro who also produced her other acoustic track “Honey.” The new track, “Again,” is another sweet acoustic song similar to what we’ve heard in “Honey.”

We hear Kehlani’s soulful voice come through, as there aren’t any backing vocals but some whistling and the sounds of an acoustic guitar. This matches the lyrics perfectly as Kehlani is baring her feelings to the one she loves. She sings in the song, “Oh, if only you knew just how you taste/Oh, if only youā€™d seen you walk away/Oh Iā€™d follow you into yesterday/Then miles away/And I pray for the love that we had underneath/When we both promised not to waste love arguing/I love you more than I ever could say.”

Kehlani has released other singles such as “Already Won,” “Touch,” andĀ  “Honey.” While this isn’t the album fans were hoping for as she hasn’t announced another album to follow up SweetSexySavage, her fans surely aren’t complaining about getting some new music. Hopefully, this will be one of the many songs she’ll be performing as she tours alongside Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled this year.