Kick Your Feet up + Unplug with LilSpace Auto Replies


You ever just want to turn off your phone and be by yourself for a little while?

There is an app that can help you out with that. Sometimes we get so glued to our phones that even if we try to we can’t seem to just turn it off for a little bit. This app that helps you unplug is called Lilspace. This app helps track your time off your phone and also rewards you for doing so. Lilspace will help you earn rewards for causes and companies that you care about. So you unplugging your phone help others as well.

This app will create and send auto-replies to text messages and phone calls for people trying to reach you to let them know when you will get back to them. Sometimes we need a little bit of motivation to stay off our phones and this is a great way to get off the phone and to just be and live in the moment surrounded by the people we love.