Do You Really Know What Your Feminine Products Are Made Of?

One thing that most people has never thought about is what is actually in the pads and tampons that we use.

We may have never thought about the fact that the feminine products that we use could contain chemicals from how the cotton is grown. The FDA does not require companies to disclose what is used in companies’ feminine products. The bad thing about that is companies can use synthetic materials, fragrances that are not good for you, and use cotton that has been sprayed with chemicals to ensure the best growth.

None of that should be anywhere near your area. is a company that helps inform people of the industries current standards and informs their customers that the only thing that they use in their products is organic cotton.

They offer a variety of products including a first time period starter kit. The packaging is very classy and does not look like a normal tampon box. They also donate their products to low-income families across the U.S. It is so important to know what actually goes into the products that we use and this company makes sure to educate women.