Rihanna’s Performance at the Grammys Was Female Empowerment Times Ten

Photo: John P. Filo/CBS

Rihanna gave a spine-chilling performance at the 60th Grammys along with Bryson Tiller and DJ Khalid when they performed ‘Wild Thoughts.’

Rihanna took the stage in a red dress, curls and curves and the world was shook. She performed her hit with DJ Khalid and Bryson Tiller and enjoyed every single minute of it. Rihanna was glowing and was smiling through the entire performance. She paid homage to South Africa with their “gwara gwara” dance and Black Twitter was lit with excitement.

Many thought Rihanna was doing “the stanky leg.” But many jumped to correct twitter with videos of the “gwara gwara” dance.

Rihanna also came under fire for being more curvy than last year. No need to post their irrelevant comments, but we must say how Rihanna ‘gives zero’ about what anyone thinks about her.

It seems that body positive has become more about selling lipstick, makeup and clothes. When we see any celebrity gain weight, so many are quick to chime in on body shaming. Are the masses learning anything from the campaigns retailers love to push? Because when it comes to real life thickness, some people can’t handle it. Thanks to role models like Rihanna, we can see true body positive releasing itself in real time.

Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS

Not only is Rihanna beautiful and a great performer, she also wins. Although there was only one individual live Grammy win for Best New Artist, Rihanna snagged a Grammy for her Kendrick Lamar collab, “Loyalty,” which won in the Best R&B/Rap Song Performance category.

Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS


Kendrick thanked her for hopping on the record. “She came through and gassed me on that record,” he said. “This really belongs to her.” Rihanna continues to be the charitable, multi talented star we have grown to love. We can’t wait for what’s next from the Barbados goddess.