The First Episode of ‘I’m Poppy’ Is Here


Poppy’s long-waited TV pilot, “I’m Poppy,” is available NOW on YouTube Red.

After premiering at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival on Tuesday, January 23rd, as part of their “Indie Episodic” section, I’m Poppy has been picked up by the largest video streaming platform ever seen. As an extension of the site via its new streaming service, YouTube Red, I’m Poppy has arrived.

The 10 minute-long introduction video, that drops the phrase “I’m Poppy” over and over again, has been viewed over 14 million times. After that, 300 videos ensued.

In the latest sensation, Poppy will reach outside of the white room and explore the world around her, answering questions we’ve all been asking. Who is making these videos? Is Poppy human? The series will answer some questions while introducing many others.

The satirical series that will confront celebrity and consumerism, along with jealousy, greed, and egoism, will return to unveil secrets and new characters, featuring a mannequin named Charlotte.

Written and directed by Titanic Sinclair, the pilot stars Poppy Chan, Samm Levine of Freaks and Geeks, Dan Hildebrand of Game of Thrones, and Brad Carter of True Detective. However, her appearances aren’t limited to the screen. Poppy has announced she is heading back on her Poppy.Computer tour, kicking off on the second leg of her tour in New York City at the Bowery Ballroom on January 30, 2018.