Simple Winter Workouts You Have No Excuse Not to Do


Every holiday season brings a lot of fantastic food, which brings holiday weight.

We all do it. It gets cold outside, and we end up staying in more instead of going to the gym or being active because of it. Now that the holidays are over and school is starting back up, we have to brave the cold weather.

If your life starts to get too busy with going back to school, there are a few workouts that you can do at school to help you get back into your workout routines.

Leg Raises- This is something that can be done anywhere. While sitting in class, just extend your legs in front of you, raise them and hold for 30-60 seconds.

Calve workout- While sitting in class, have your feet tucked behind you with one foot over the other. The foot that is on top, spell out the alphabet. this will both stretch and build strength at your desk.


Ab workout- While at your desk you can tense your ab muscles for 30-60 seconds. This will tighten your core while sitting at your desk.

Getting back to working out after the holidays can be a struggle, but with these few exercises you can do while sitting in class, you may be able to get back to it more easily.