The Binge-Worthy Current Season of Black Mirror Netflix is Not Disappointing

Black Mirror

The fourth season of Black Mirror debuted on Netflix this morning, and it is your next binge-worthy show.

December 29, 2017. Black Friday. #BlackMirror

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Netflix has released the fourth season of the award-winning show, Black Mirror. The science fiction anthology series’ new season will include an episode that looks like its straight out of Star Trek, a new dating app that is a little more complicated than Tinder, and a directorial debut from Jodie Foster. The show is written so each episode has its own storyline, characters, etc. This is the only anthology show that changes storylines each episode, as we see in American Horror Story and American Crime Story that the storyline changes based on the season.

People took to Twitter to share their excitement over the episodes and their release. The show has always been a fan favorite for many seasons as it took home two Primetime Emmys this past year.