We Have Trevor Jackson’s NightTime Video on Repeat

(Freeform/Andrew Eccles)

Trevor Jackson is making sure he leaves his mark not only in the acting world but in the music world as well.

(Freeform/Andrew Eccles)

He released, “Benz and My Wallet”, from his upcoming album Rough Drafts, last September and his newest single off the album,”Night Time”, offers a different vibe that’ll have you missing bae (or a potential bae)  a little extra at night. With Jackson’s smooth vocals and uptempo yet soft beat, “Night Time” is the catchy easy listening song you need to start 2018 off right.

But the music video that comes with it is reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller.” We see Jackson in a darker light as he’s draped in all black attire matched with mysteriously dark shades. The whole set up of the video has a vintage look from the picture quality to the drop top car, Jackson and his team definitely put a lot of thought behind the video concept and it’s greatly appreciated.

The two-part music video shows that Jackson knows the importance of storytelling within his music. He also manages to show off his authentic charm while maintaining a mysterious vibe. His leading lady in the two-part video tries to find out why her lover is so hesitant to show his eyes but you’ve got to watch the videos to find out why.