Nancy Kerrigan Approves of Olivia Munn in ‘I, Nancy’ Spoof Trailer


During the Critics’ Choice Awards on Thursday night, Olivia Munn played Nancy Kerrigan in a short skit.


In the “trailer” for I, Nancy, Munn wore a pink lace dress with her hair pulled back into a pony tail. The clip opened with a voiceover stating, “She was a world class figure skater who nearly had her leg broken by goons, yet went on to win the silver medal at the Winter Olympics. Only to find out 20 years and a big Hollywood film later, this story was a little, uh…different than she remembered it. Facing the camera, she scoffs, “Seriously?”

After the show, Kerrigan tweeted her approval of Munn’s acting chops.

We love her too.