Oprah’s Home Affected by California Mudslides


Oprah Winfrey has shared updates on her home in the midst of California wildfire and mudslides.

The residents of Southern California are now facing mudslides as a result of a winter storm and drought left behind by the wildfire. The mudslides have resulted in over two dozen injured people, two dozen missing persons, and 15 people being killed.

Winfrey shared videos of her property on Instagram. From the videos, you can view a blazing gas fire in Santa Barbara and helicopters rescuing and looking for missing persons. Deep mud sits in her backyard as a result of the mudslides.

The actress, who stars in the upcoming A Wrinkle In Time, surveys her home, showing the debris and pointing out a missing fence and her neighbor’s devasted home.

Winfrey returned home about a week ago, tweeting that she could still smoke at her home, but was “grateful to have a home…and forever grateful to firefighters.” She continues to express her gratitude for everyone’s prayers and concerns, noting that her neighbors are experiencing “damage that pales in comparison” to her own.

Thoughts and prayers to those currently being affected by the devastation of the recent wildfire and mudslides.