Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are Friendship Goals


Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence are the best of friends, and they showed just how close they are after the Golden Globes.

The pair have been inseparable for a little over a year now, and they have us wanting to be a part of their squad. Monday after the Golden Globes, Jennifer Lawrence posted on her Facebook a video Stone took of her when they were hanging out Sunday evening after the awards show. The video shows how Lawrence was getting glam to hit up after parties and, as she was halfway done her makeup, Stone called and said she didn’t want to go to the parties and just wanted to have a girls night.

The two were introduced by fellow actor Woody Harrelson who made the two exchange numbers. Although they had never met in person, it was clear from the start they were meant to be bffs as they talked for an entire year before meeting. Their interview with W Magazine is a must see as they talk about their pet turtles running away and more things they have in common.