James Franco Accused of Sexual Harassment


James Franco was one of many ‘Time’s Up’ supporters in attendance at the Golden Globes.

Franco came to the Golden Globes in full support of the ‘Time’s Up’ movement by wearing a ‘Time’s Up’ pin with his black tux. After the event, photos of the night started appearing up online and there was also a Twitter post about Franco that has since been taken down.

The post was made by actress Ally Sheedy and was about James Franco alluding towards the accusation that he too has been involved in some form of sexual harassment against another person. This seems to come as a shock to Franco because during his time on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he mentioned that he had no idea why this statement was said but he would want to make things right no matter what. Franco denies the accusations but wants to talk about them to see where Sheedy is coming from.

You check out Franco’s response to the accusations on Stephen Colbert’s show below.