Dive into ‘Siesta Key’s’ Winter Premiere


Your favorite summer vacation show is coming back to MTV on January 15.

Siesta Key stole hearts and is coming back for more in the middle of January. Do you remember Laguna Beach and The Hills? It ran all summer long every summer and the producers have come back and revamped for the new show, Siesta Key. While the show had a successful first season, producers signed for more episodes of the show and it is set to come back on January 15.


If you follow any of the cast on Instagram, you will see how excited they are and how eager they are to have fans see all of the new drama. The show left off with relationships ending and other relationships forming, but the big question everyone has is about the giant love triangle that includes Juliette, Alex, and Kelsey.

The new season is also rumored to feature new cast members including friends of the original cast. From love and heartbreak to drama, get ready to “dive in” because Siesta Key is ready for your winter vacation.