Date Ideas That Require Minimal Effort


For most of us, January is very cold, which means that we do not have the will to be outside for very long. 

Dates do not have to mean going out into the cold to go to a place and pay a lot of money. They can be simple, at home and cheap.

1: Blanket forts – Create a fort out of blankets and make sure to cover the TV so it is included in the fort. Once the fort is made get snacks and drinks and play video games together or watch movies.

2: Camping – Ok, so you are not actually camping, but there is an indoor smores maker that you can buy. Watch scary movies and make smores. This would be a similar situation to telling scary stories around a campfire or any stories at all really.

3: Have a fancy dinner – Create a beautiful scene in your house. Make a great meal including appetizers, the main course with sides, and dessert. Dress up really fancy as well. Just because you are not going out in public does not mean you can’t dress up.

Just because these date ideas are simple does not mean they won’t work. These require effort to put together and that shows that you care more because of the thought that went into these cute ideas.