Blanca Blanco Wore Red Instead of Black to the Golden Globes


Latina actress, Blanca Blanco, wore a red dress to the Golden Globes instead of black.

The Golden Globes started a movement, #TimesUp, that signified the end of silence on sexual harassment in Hollywood. To show this trend, almost every actor, actress, and person in attendance wore some form of black.

However, actress Blanca Blanco took to the red carpet in a red dress; something that was not the norm among the stars. Blanco received a lot of backlash because of her choice of dress and many took to Twitter to share their opinions of her.

Blanco came to the defense by tweeting her own thoughts on her dress.

Although Blanco did not show it in the way that everyone else was, she still protested on the red carpet and she is still in support of the #TimesUp movement.